Sales Manager Vacancy

Sales Manager Vacancy

About the job

The ideal candidate for the Sales Manager role is a highly motivated, well-organized individual who has a
deep understanding of prospecting and developing strong relationships with customers in B2O sector.
The successful candidate is well acclimatized in Kazakhstan, CIS countries’ telecommunications market
and has networking connections with individuals in the field.
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• Develop and execute strategies to drive sales in new and existing markets
• Engage and lead projects with new B2O customers
• Actively interact with customer support, NOC, commercial, marketing and other divisions within V-net
B.V. to identify potential growth areas to increase company competitiveness.
• Partner with Talent Acquisition to identify and recruit top sales talents
• Mentor employees to help them achieve individual & team objectives


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Business or Telecommunications
• 3+ years’ of sales experience in the Telecommunications industry preferably B2O and B2B
• Have a pull of active industry contacts to create and maintain lasting relationships and drive customers
success with V-net B.V.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the Russian language
• Advanced English proficiency is a big plus; English language sufficient for communications is

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