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Dear Friend

V-Net B.V.: Celebrating 10 Years of Success in the World of Telecommunications

In this era of uncertainty and rapid changes, trust, freedom of choice, and speed of response are paramount in partnerships. Our friendly V-Net team of professionals is guided by these principles, sharing a common mission.

We diligently build strong business relationships, ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners. As a confident and reliable telecom partner, we respond swiftly to the needs of our customers and partners, fulfilling expectations and agreements.

With our robust network infrastructure spanning Eurasia, we continually expand to new markets, offering flexible and speedy connections with cutting-edge technologies. Time is precious, and we provide the freedom to choose routes with required parameters in a matter of days.

Since our inception on February 12, 2013, we have grown from a focus on Central Asia to a global network reaching Asia Pacific and Oceania. V-Net’s journey has been marked by success and an impeccable reputation, connecting the world one customer at a time.

Nikolai Bataikin CEO, V-Net Global

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